Sunday, April 8, 2012

Get Fit For 2012 Challenge was a success!!!

The Get Fit for 2012 Challenge took place from January 18th through March 28th. Seventeen Stroller Strong Moms participated in the challenge. The ladies were tested at the beginning and end of the Challenge in both a Fitness Assessment and a Body Composition Assessment. Throughout the Challenge, contenders received points for class attendance and how many times they were class MVP. At then end of the Challenge, the ladies received points depending upon how much they improved in their fitness assessments and body composition assessments. They also accumulated points for decreases in body fat percentage and whether or not they reached their fitness goal.  The points were calculated on a scale with the total amount of points listed below: 

Fitness Assessment times/reps Improvement: 20 Points
Decrease in Body Fat Percentage: 20 Points
Class Attendance Totals: 20 Points
Class MVP Totals: 10 Points
Fitness Goal Reached: 10 Points

Total Possible Points: 80

The points for each contender were calculated according to the scale and the GFF2012 winners were as follows:

3rd Place: TIE!!! Carly and Julie M
2nd Place: Rebecca
1st Place: ANDREA!!!

Honorable mentions to Lauren, Kate, and Ashley for coming in 4th, 5th and 6th.

More Recognitions: 
Body fat loss leaders: Casey S, Andrea, Carly, Kera
Weight loss leaders: Carly, Andrea, Lauren, Kera, Diane
Most classes attended: Bethany

GFF2012 was a huge success. It was very impressive how much body fat percentage loss there was among all of the ladies. There was also tons of improvement in the fitness assessments! Let's keep up the hard work ladies!  Although GFF2012 has ended, it is still important to continue eating well and working butts off at class!!!!

Great job everyone!!!