Monday, March 31, 2014

March Member of the Month

Meet Davida

Hi Ladies!
I have been a member of Stroller Strong Moms since the grand opening in Savannah; I am so thankful for this wonderful outlet! 
I am the oldest of five children, born and raised in beautiful Savannah, Ga! Although I wasn't particularly athletic growing up, I've always had a penchant for taking care of myself and being fit. My healthier lifestyle kickstarted after gaining the "freshman 15" during college at Georgia Southern University. Feeling uncomfortable with the added pounds, I decided to take steps to create a better me both physically and nutritionally. I shared my goals with my high school sweetheart, now husband Bryan. Many days after classes we would go jogging or work out together at the rec center. Bryan had always been physically active, playing soccer since 5, basketball and football. I figured if I could keep up with him, I'd be in good shape. After college and marriage, we continued to workout together, albeit challenging with our new careers, schedules and grad school. 

Fall of 2010 I was looking for more than my neighborhood walks, treadmill jogs and spin class workouts. I wanted to take my fitness to a different level! I also wanted to have more energy for my fast paced and demanding job! So, I signed up for a 5:45am 5k beginners running program. After weeks of training, I ran my 1st official 5k ; the running bug attacked me and there was no looking back! Two months later I ran my second 5k, signed up for both bootcamp and half marathon training. 
I was on a roll until I surprisingly but happily found out I was pregnant. Due to my doctors orders I could not continue to run, so training for the half marathon had to be postponed. December 28th 2011 Bryan and I welcomed our incredible son Jonah to our family. After settling into my new role, I finally felt ( physically) ready to get back to exercising. I tried getting in shape alone but it was hard and lonely. I knew a group setting would get me going, but, I needed something that fit my new lifestyle as a mom.

In the fall of 2012 my desire became a reality!!! I read on Southern Mamas that a moms workout group ( Stroller Strong Moms) was debuting in Savannah. I was sold when I read I could exercise with my son! So, I got my stroller, mat and baby ready for our first day of class. The grand opening was awesome, beautiful weather and friendly faces! My first few classes were very, very challenging. I was surprised that I could get full body workout with just a few pieces of equipment! I could barely keep up with the exercises without my knees buckling; I was out of shape more than I imagined. However, I was excited because SSM's was just what I needed, I had no excuses for getting in better shape.

Since attending class with SSM's, I have lost more than 25 pounds. I also started running 5k's again, and now I am stronger and faster! This past fall I was able to train and complete my 1st half marathon.
When I think I can't do another burpee, squat or push harder in a race, I think of my fellow SSM's who are probably tired too, but will push through until the end of the challenge. I feel so blessed to workout with a wonderful group of down to earth, encouraging and highly motivated women. Through SSM's both my son and I have made friends we look forward to seeing every week!
Thank you Alexa, Kelli, Cassie and Lindsay for the challenging and exciting workout classes. Alexa, I'm so glad you followed your heart and brought SSM to Savannah!