Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Member of the Month

Meet Jessika! 

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jessika Haselbauer and I have been a proud member of Stroller Strong Moms here in Savannah, Georgia since the grand opening in August.  I am so thankful that my friend, Marie Kelley (who was a part of the Columbus SSM family) gave me a heads up that Alexa was coming my way! After reviewing the website and watching the videos I was pumped, I knew this was the kick in the butt I needed to lose the extra weight I was carrying and overall to just be fit and healthy once again. SSM has not only lived up to all my expectations but has exceeded them!

I grew up all over the world as an “army brat”, from Vilseck, Germany to Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  Growing up my dad always tried to keep us active whether we were taking a family hike, bike ride, swimming, or just kicking the soccer ball around the back yard. Along with those activities I took tap, jazz, and ballet for 6 years and played 2 years of soft ball for my church league.  Looking back I believe the shift from a healthy lifestyle happened gradually and due to many reasons. Life threw me several curve balls and within a matter of two years I had went through losing a child, divorce, and then became a working single mother.  Food quickly became a comfort for me and working out took a back burner.  After putting myself through nursing school and achieving my RN I finally was ready for a change and my focus shifted back to health and fitness. I started taking spin classes, running after work, and enrolled in a 12 week boot camp.  I dropped 15 pounds in 6 months and felt strong and determined to stay fit. 

A short time later I met a wonderful man who renewed my faith in love and happiness.  We were married April 2009 and we have journeyed together from Kansas to Alabama, and then onto our present home here in Savannah.  We have a 9 year old daughter, Jayla and a 9 month old, Tristin.  After having Tristin I again found myself overweight and out of shape!! The road back to being fit has not been easy but SSM has made it possible.  All the support and encouragement from everyone has made me push harder when I wanted to quit and reach goals I never thought possible.  I could not even run a half mile when I started class back in August without feeling like I was going to die. Two weeks ago I ran a 5K at a 10 minute/mile pace and felt amazing doing it!! I could barely crank out 2 to 3 push-ups in August and now I can do 25! I have lost a total of 26 pounds over the past 6 months and have toned and trimmed up in so many areas. Both of my children enjoy attending SSM class with me especially because of all the playgroups and activities we get to be a part of.  It is so great to come to class and see everyone’s smiling faces and know we were all there for a common goal to be fit and healthy!!

I am proof that it is never too late to reengage in a fit and healthy life.   If you truly put in the effort and time SSM will change your life!

Friday, March 15, 2013

SSM February/March News

February/March News

Hey Stroller Strong Moms!

February and March have been filled with lots of awesome SSM events and happenings. We have welcomed tons of new SSMs in Columbus and in Savannah! In Columbus, we had an awesome group Valentine's Day Class and a really fun performance of the Harlem Shake thanks to Joe Paull, our SSM videographer/CPG. Savannah had a really fun Valentine themed class and Dr. Suess themed class and playgroup! Speaking of playgroup...playgroups have been going awesome thanks to Carly, our playgroup leader in Columbus, and Kim W, our playgroup leader in Savannah. Please see these ladies if you are interested in hosting a future playgroup!

Columbus SSM Valentine's Day Circuit Class!

SSM Savannah Dr. Seuss theme class and playgroup

SSM Savannah completed at big group 5k last weekend with their GLLAM shirts at the Shamrock Run in downtown Savannah. Tons of PRs happened on Friday night! SSM Columbus gets ready with their GLLAM shirts for a big group showing at the SMA 5K tomorrow morning and the St. Paddy's Day 5k as well. 

We have welcomed new instructors at both SSM Columbus and Savannah! Huge welcome to Brooke Whitis in Columbus! Her bio will be up on the website shortly! She has been an awesome Stroller Strong Moms for some time now and she fell perfectly into the role of being an instructor in the end of February. We also welcome both Kelli Berger and Cassie Cercy to the instructor team in Savannah (both are pictured above as Thing 1 and Thing 2). Kelli and Cassie have been doing an awesome job and they are ready to step right in and keep SSM going strong when Smith baby #3 decides to make an appearance! 

Farewell to Julie...

With the welcoming of new instructors often comes having to say goodbye to someone. Our awesome and loyal SSM Columbus instructor, Julie, will be PCSing to Colorado at the end of March. It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Julie and family and we wish them the best of luck on their next adventure in Colorado. Please join us in celebrating Julie on Saturday, March 23rd at 5pm at the Clubhouse at Greystone at Columbus Parks Apartments with Potluck food and fun. We will also have a fun tribute class to Julie on Friday, March 22nd at Britt David Park. There will only be one class that day, so please head over to Britt David to honor Julie and all the time, commitment, fun, motivation and friendship she has given to each and every Stroller Strong Mom!!! 

Get Fit for 2013 Challenge...



Prizes will be gift cards to Big Dog Running Company!!!!
First Place: $150
Second Place: $100
Third Place: $75
Fourth Place: $50
Fifth Place: $25
$20 Prizes for most classes attended, most body fat loss, most weight loss, most fitness assessment improvement will be given out as well!!


Prizes will be gift cards to Georgia Game Changers Running Co!!!!
First Place: $100
Second Place: $50
Third Place: $25
$15 Prizes for most classes attended, most body fat loss, most weight loss, most fitness assessment improvement will be given out as well!!

More News...

Stroller Strong Moms has recently added some new days and locations to the schedule! In Columbus, we are now Monday through Friday at both Lake Bottom and Britt David!!!! In Savannah, we have added J.F. Gregory Park in Richmond Hill on Tuesdays and Thursdays! We are still at Forsyth Park on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

We are also pleased to announce that we have added automatic draft for month unlimited members! No need to remember to pay every month anymore, it will be done for you! 

I leave you with this cute little photo to remind you that you are strong and powerful and you should hold your head high. You have achieved so much through  pushing yourself in and out of class, day in and day out to become a faster runner, a more fit mom who is able to take on daily tasks with ease, a stronger mom, a better you! Have confidence in that and believe in yourself because you are awesome! 

Keep SLAMing ladies!!!!