Thursday, December 27, 2012

December/January Member of the Month!

Meet Lindsey...

Hey there!

My name is Lindsey and I have been a member of the Savannah Stroller Strong Mom’s since it started in September 2012. 

I married my husband, Stephen, in 2008 and quickly realized that to fit in with his family I had to become more athletic.  He comes from a family of runners and tennis players.  I ran my first half marathon in 2009 and have since run three more as well as adding duathlons to my training.  We welcomed our baby girl, Norah, in July of 2012.  We moved to Savannah from Orlando at the beginning of September with our then 8-week old due to a new employment opportunity for my husband.  I am originally from the Atlanta area, so being closer to family with a new baby made the decision to move a very easy one.  I won’t lie, I was nervous about coming to a new town and trying to meet new people.  I was also trying to figure out how to shed some of the baby weight that I gained and get back into running and getting fit. 

I came across the SSM website while searching for mommy and me type classes in the Savannah area.  I read all about Alexa and what the class was about.  It sounded intriguing and I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.  When I started the classes, Norah wasn’t quite big enough for a jogging stroller but we made it work and now coming to class has become part of our daily routine.  The stress of meeting new people has long been gone.  The ladies that show up for SSM classes are a fabulous group of women that are incredibly motivating and make coming to class really enjoyable…even if we are all complaining about how sore we are from a previous day’s workout! 

I have made it a goal to come everyday that I possibly can.  I know that I am getting stronger and I hope to show my daughter that an active lifestyle is a fun and important part of our lives.  We have now done our first family 5K (with hubby pushing jogger) and I look forward to many more.  It was great to share this race with many of the other SSM moms.  Thanks Alexa for pushing us hard every workout and being a great instructor, and for all of the moms that are right there with me as we get our sweat on! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Get Fit for 2013

It's that time of year again for another Get Fit Challenge! The following are the details about Get Fit for 2013.

Get Fit For 2013 is a 10 week program that will start January 14th and it will end on March 25th for  SSM Columbus. The Savannah start has been changed to January 16th. 

It will include both a fitness assessment (during class time) and body composition assessment (by appointment in the first and last week of the challenge) at the start and end of the program. The fitness assessment will include:

-Shuttle run for time
-Step ups, count steps
-1/2 mile run, for time
-Push ups, count reps
-Plank hold, for time

The body composition assessment will be calculated using a bio-impedence scale which gives a readout of the following:
fat free mass
body fat
hydration %

You will receive points in five ways:
-Class attendance
-Improvement in fitness assessment
-Improvement in body composition assessment
-MVP of the week (a hard working mom will be chosen every week as the MVP)
-Whether you reached the fitness goal you set for yourself on January 14th

Points will be tallied throughout the program and participants with the most points at the end of the 10 weeks will receive gift card prizes.

You will take a before/after picture at class at the start and end of the program so you can see how much the hard work payed off!

There is a $15 registration fee. Payment can be made on the prices page of SSM website or at class. You have to be a member of SSM in order to participate in the GFF2013. To be a member of SSM, you must purchase a 1 month unlimited membership, 10 class pass, or 5 class pass. 

'Get Fit for 2013' will happen during regular class days and times. The fitness testing will take place on January 14th (16th for Savannah) and March 25th during class time. The body composition testing will occur by appointment during the first and last week of the challenge. More detailed info on the body composition testing is to follow.

Moms will also have the option to pair the Get Fit for 2013 Challenge with a weight loss program that will be put on by the weight loss center where the initial weigh-ins occur. The weight loss programs are an extra cost, but discounted for SSMs. The Columbus weight loss program is called bLean and is a 6 week program for $99. Click this link for more info. The Savannah weight loss program can be found at and it is $49 per month for Stroller Strong Moms! Please let an instructor know if you are interested in more information about the weight loss program. 

You do not have to participate in the 'Get Fit For 2013' as a member of Stroller Strong Moms. It is your choice. Any questions, concerns, comments can be sent to

Last year's Get Fit Challenge was a GREAT success. Moms lost noticeable amounts of body fat and improved tremendously in their fitness assessments. The results were extremely impressive!! The above photo shows last year's top finishers. Moms lost as much as 15 pounds over the 10 weeks and many dropped body fat percentages by over 5% (which is SUPER impressive). 

Looking forward to this GFF2013!!!