Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Break doesn't mean workout break...

Here are some at home workouts you can do over the holiday break no matter where you happen to be!!! I am reposting some and I have added a few new ones. NO EXCUSES!!!! 

Post to comments if you did one of the workouts, who you did it with, where you did it and how it went!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!! 


Most of these workouts require no equipment, all you need is you! 

1. Pushup and Sit-up Ladder
20 pushups, 20 sit-ups
18 push-ups, 18 sit-ups
16 push-ups, 16 sit-ups
Continue all the way down to...
2 push-ups, 2 sit-ups

2. Air Squats, push-ups, reverse lunges, mountain climber
20 air squats
20 pushups
20 reverse lunges
20 mountain climbers
repeat 3 times

3. Jump rope, walking lunges, burpees (if you do not have a jump rope, substitute high knee runs in place)
Jump Rope for 1 minute
Walking lunges for 1 minute
burpees for 1 minute
push-ups for 1 minute
repeat 3 times

4. Pushup Test
As many pushups as you can do in 1 minute
Repeat X3

5. Pushup circuit
10 regular pushups
10 staggered arm pushups
10 power T pushups
10 pushups with alternating knee to chest
Repeat X3

6. High Intensity Interval Training
20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest X 8 of the following exercises (with 1 min break between sets):
Box Jumps or Step Ups (onto a step inside or outside your house)
air squats
(this entire workout will take 23 minutes and will give you more benefit than doing 1 hour of cardio)

7. Workout Ladder
20 walking lunges
16 pushups
12 squat jumps
8 walking lunges
4 pushups
8 squat jumps
12 walking lunges
16 pushups
20  squat jumps
Rest and Repeat 

8. Outside Workout
Run 1 mile for time
50 situps
50 pushups
50 burpees
Run 1 mile (jog/sprinting telephone poles) 

These are all exercises we have done in class, so you should know how to perform them with proper form. Let me know if you have any questions about the exercises.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Stroller Strong Moms Get Fit For 2012

Some Get Fit For 2012 info!!!!!

Get Fit For 2012 is a 10 week program that will start January 18th and it will end on March 28th.

It will include both a fitness assessment and body composition assessment (during class time) at the start and end of the program. The fitness assessment will include:

-2 Minutes of step ups, count your steps
-Shuttle run for time
-Front plank for time
-Push ups, count reps

The body composition assessment will be calculated using a bio-impedence scale which gives a readout of the following:
fat free mass
body fat
hydration %
You will receive points in five ways:
-Class attendance
-Improvement in fitness assessment
-Improvement in body composition assessment
-MVP of the day (a hard working mom will be chosen everyday as the MVP)
-Whether you reached the fitness goal you set for yourself on January 18th

Points will be tallied throughout the program and participants with the most points at the end of the 10 weeks will receive gift card prizes.

You will take a before/after picture at class at the start and end of the program so you can see how much the hard work payed off!

There is a $10 registration fee before the New Year and $15 registration fee afterwards. Payment can be made on the prices page of SSM website or at class. You have to be a member of SSM in order to participate in the GFF2012. To be a member of SSM, you must purchase a 1 month unlimited membership, 10 class pass, or 5 class pass. Click here to pay for membership and GFF2012.

'Get Fit for 2012' will happen during regular class days and times. The fitness testing will take place on January 18th and March 28th during class time. The body composition testing will occur by appointment during the first and last week of the challenge. More detailed info on the body composition testing is to follow.

You do not have to participate in the 'Get Fit For 2012' as a member of Stroller Strong Moms. It is your choice. Any questions, concerns, comments can be sent to info@strollerstrongmoms.com

I am really looking forward to this GFF2012!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Turkey Lurkey Do and Turkey Lurkey Dap...

...I eat that turkey and I take a nap. And then I get up and go have another SLAM session!!!! Check out these Turkey Day Weekend SLAM photos!!! Stroller Strong kids help to make sure their mommies and daddies are working to the max!!!!

Great job over Turkey Day guys!!! Loved loved loved having all the families out at class. Class included moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas!!! Welcome back to all those who were traveling. Friday should be way warmer than Monday and Wednesday so I hope to see you ALL at class!!!  Happy Friday!!!!