Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Member of the Month

 Meet Tess 

December 2013 (40 Pounds Lost!) 

Growing up, I was active but I never really made fitness an important part of my life. I was always comfortable with myself and the way I looked. As an adult I went to the gym, took a spin class here or a yoga class there. I would never have called myself fit, but I was happy. 

Then I had kids. Wow. I let my pregnancies do a number on my body. I gained more than the recommended amount of weight--by about 30 or 40 pounds! But I have my babies, and couldn't be happier about them. I just happened to let myself go in the process. 

In 2011 the Army moved my family to Columbus. My girl was 14 months old, and I heard about this group that was starting. Bring your stroller and your baby and workout at the park. Fantastic! I kid you not, I went to that park in September 2011. As usual though, I was late. I wussed out and didn't go to class. A few months later, I was pregnant and decided not to workout. 

September 2012

Oh how I kick myself for not going to class. 

After I had my boy, I finally made it back to that park. In 2013, I was so out of shape. Not myself. I was meeting new people who were all so supportive and polite, but I knew in my heart that I wasn't me. And I knew the only way I was going to change was to move my buns. Being unhealthy got me to my current state, and being healthy would get me back to myself. 

March 2013 

I tried so hard. And it payed off! Stroller Strong Moms is what got me going. The mix of running and strength training was exactly what I needed. I did a couch to 5K program on days I couldn't get to class and tried to cut out processed foods. I also made smarter choices. I doubt I'll ever be able to give up my coffee, but I can definitely do without the 400 calorie mochas and lattes!

SSM gives me motivation, encouragement, and just the right amount of accountability. I can go at my own pace, tend to my kiddos, and push myself beyond my comfort zone. Sure, the kids aren't always pleased about being strapped in as we pass the playground. And yes, I bribe them with fruit snacks. But when I see my girl doing step ups in our front yard or my boy doing his version of a side plank, I know I've made an important, lasting impression on them.

Today, I've gotten back to a better me. My kids are with me, learning, and are proud of me. My husband loves me however I am, but now he sees I am healthier and happier. His support and encouragement get me through each day. 

June 2013 (My first 5K!)

I still have goals for the future. Maybe even--dare I say it--a half marathon? All I know is, I have an amazing support group of ladies. Stroller Strong Moms is truly a blessing in my life. I always ask myself if I really want to do this. Can I get it done today? Change myself for the better? Well, the voice in my head tells me the answer is either, "Yes or Yes!"