Saturday, January 26, 2013

Your Body is a Finely Tuned Vehicle...

Give it Good Fuel, and It Will Take You Places. 

SSM December/January News

December/January News 

Hey out there! What a busy couple of months for Stroller Strong Moms!!! We wrapped up December with two awesome MNOs. The columbus moms had a tacky sweater and ornament exchange party which included a fashion show runway and some 80s dancing to some favorites including 'Pour Some Sugar on Me'. The Savannah moms went on a Savannah Slow Ride bike ride through downtown Savannah with stops at local bars along the way. One stop included a group karaoke song/dance to, coincidentally, 'Pour Some Sugar on Me'!! Fun times!!! 

Some awesome things are happening for both SSM of Columbus and SSM of Savannah in the month of January!!!! 

Let's start with Columbus! 

We added Playgroup! The playgroup captain is Carly Mueller and make sure to friend her on Facebook so she can add you to the group playgroup page on Facebook. This is where you can find all the info you need on future playgroups for our awesome Stroller Strong Kids! If you are interested in hosting a playgroup, please contact Carly. 

Effective yesterday, we added 5 days a week at Lake Bottom Park (plus 2 saturdays a month) and 3 days a week at Britt David Park (M,W,F)!!!!! We are SO excited about this because it means Stroller Strong Moms is growing!!!!! In order to accommodate all of our moms and keep classes smaller, we are offering two park options for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We encourage those who live on the north end of town to attend Britt David on those days! 

On Thursday, February 14th, we will have a group class at Lake Bottom Park with all of the instructors!!! It is going to be an awesome time with fun activities afterwards for the kids! Don't forget to wear pink or red! More info to follow! 

We started our challenge for the second year in a row and it is off to a great start!!! THIRTY-FIVE Moms are participating in GFF2013 and they are all working super hard to reach their goals and improve their fitness!! 

Moms pushing to their limits on the shuttle run test during GFF2013 in Columbus

Let's talk about Savannah! 

We added playgroup in Savannah too! The playgroup captain for Savannah is Kim Watson. Friend her on Facebook and she will add you to the playgroup page where you will find all the info on upcoming playgroups for Stroller Strong Kids. If you are interested in hosting playgroup, please contact Kim. 

Savannah will also have a fun Valentine's Day Class with awesome Valentine's stations and some treats after class. Wear all the red and pink you can find! More info to follow. 

This is the first year of GFF2013 in Savannah and it's going awesome! We have 15 moms participating in this great program. Moms are working toward improving their fitness and reaching their health and fitness goals! 

Moms moving those feet a mile a minute during the step up test of GFF2013 in Savannah



Wednesday, January 16, 2013

bLean Group Weight Loss Program for GFF2013 Participants

Get Fit for 2013 Participants...please check out this weight loss program from bFit Studio. This is a great deal that they are offering to SSMs who are doing the Get Fit Challenge. Please let one of the instructors know if you would like to participate.