Thursday, November 15, 2012

SSM November News

November News 

Hey Stroller Strong Moms! What a great month of October. The month concluded with a couple awesome Halloween classes in Columbus and Savannah!!! There were so many awesome mom costumes and cute little baby costumes!!! Below are a couple photos, but to see the awesome pics from the Halloween class in Columbus (thanks Joe Paull and the Ledger Enquirer!!), click here. To see more pics from the Savannah Halloween class, click here.  

Stroller Strong Moms in Columbus completed a circuit workout in the huge field at Britt David Park

Stroller Strong Moms of Savannah completed Halloween-themed stations throughout Forsyth Park 

Columbus Instructors in a Waldo sandwich: Kim, Julie (Betty), Jill (Wilma), and Rebecca
Savannah instructor Alexa as Mango from SNL 

October's Mom's Night Out in Columbus was Big Dog's Girls Only 5K! The ladies really came together and there were a bunch of first time 5Kers in the group who did awesome!!! Look at all that pink SLAM!! 

Stroller Strong Moms have been preparing for months with group long runs and interval training for the November half marathons. I don't think there was a weekend that went by in Columbus where moms weren't getting together to do a long run. I loved seeing moms work together toward their goal. Stroller Strong Moms participated in two different Half Marathons over the first two weekends in November, the Savannah Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon and the Soldier's Half Marathon in Fort Benning. Everyone did awesome! What an accomplishment!!!! 

Rock'n'Roll Half Marathoners! (Not picured: Kim Watson and Tanya Webb) 

Soldier's Half Marathoners and SSM Fan Club!!! Not pictured: Carly Mueller (where were u Carly?!) and Katherine Rudder (who ran the full!)

So much great stuff has been going on for Stroller Strong Moms. I am so proud of how SSMs came together at the half marathons and I am so excited for future races we have coming up in both Columbus and Savannah! 

Lets welcome October Newcomers to Stroller Strong Moms. Savannah newcomers include Kim Watson, Candace Russell and Rachel Lane. Columbus newcomers include Kristin Salmi, Ashley Bunnell, Aida Joslin, April West, Melissa Barrington and Annie Chittick. 

And I leave you with another awesome quote. It can't be more true that you get out of something what you put into it. If you attend class frequently and work your butt off, you will get results. Your fitness level with skyrocket and you will notice positive changes to your body and your energy levels.   We have had the joy of watching the transformation take place in so many moms and it's awesome!!! Keep up the good work ladies and keep SLAMing!!! 


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