Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Stroller Strong Moms Celebrates SLAMiversaries!

The month of September was a VERY EXCITING month for SSM. We had two HUGE parties! Columbus celebrated its TWO year SLAMiversary  and Savannah celebrated its ONE year SLAMiversary!

SSM Columbus 
Columbus celebrated two years with a Carnival Class! Mom's rotated through six carnival themed stations including corn hole, obstacle course, dice, bocce, gravitron and three-legged and wheelbarrow races! As moms shuffled through stations they collected tickets to be used at the raffle at the end of class! Kids enjoyed everything carnival, from water balloons to parachutes to cotton candy to popcorn and more!!! There were over 50 SSMs who celebrated two years of SLAMing with us! We recognized two SSMs who have been with us since day one on September 12th, 2011....can you guess who they are? Diane Molstad and Ashley Necessary! There were tons of prizes at the end of class including Big Dog Gift Cards, headbands, D'Allens Hair Salon vouchers, Sweet Frog coupons and more!

SSM Savannah 

Savannah celebrated one year with a Field Day Class! Mom's came dressed in a shirt from their 'glory days' whether it was a treasured t-shirt or uniform from sports, band or cheer, math camp or Pac 12 Champ, they were sporting it! Moms split into three teams and rotated through six fun field day stations including bean bags, long jump, obstacle course, sponge relay, three-legged races and chariot races. After class, moms and kids enjoyed a fabulous potluck and popcorn! There were tons of prizes including a gift card from Fleet Feet and a 'surpise and delight' from Lululemon Athletica Savannah Showroom of 5 headbands and an awesome yoga mat!


Looking back on the past two years, I am so proud of what SSM has become. I am grateful for the wonderful SSM team in Columbus who have kept my vision alive and taken it far beyond where it was when I left. Both the instructor team and the members in Columbus continue to amaze me on a daily basis with their drive, enthusiasm, motivation, teamwork, loyalty, and desire to be fit and healthy mamas. Savannah mamas and instructors can be described in the same exact words and I am so proud to be able to see ridiculous amounts of fitness improvements and growth over the past several months. There is no doubt that SSM changes lives and allows moms to develop lasting friendships with other women who share a common goal: to become fit, healthy and happy moms who set an example for their children on a daily basis. Go mamas! I LOVE SSM!!! Keep SLAMing!!!! 

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  1. Awesome post and awesome pics from both Columbus and Savannah. Nice jump shot and nice pyramid.