Monday, June 10, 2013

May Member of the Month

Meet Lindsay...

Hello Gorgeous Mamas!!

My name is Lindsay Platky and I have been an SSM devotee since the second week Alexa opened the Savannah class. My son, James Michael was 9 weeks old at the time and is now almost 11 months! Little JM is the first child for my husband Jamie and I. Jamie is currently deployed in Afghanistan and should return around Thanksgiving.

As a child growing up in Maryland, I was very physically active and energetic. I played soccer and basketball until sophomore year of high school, and always enjoyed roller blading and gym workouts. I attended the University of Maryland where I studied journalism. At the end of my junior year, Jamie (my high school sweetheart!) and I got engaged with a wedding planned for the following summer. Like many brides, I worked hard to get in tip top shape for my impending nuptials, and walked down the aisle August 1, 2008, sans the ten pounds gained during college and feeling amazing.

The next year brought a move to Texas and our first deployment. Though we had faced distance throughout college, nothing prepares you for the long months of separation that come with deployment. This, coupled with a frustrating job, lack of career direction and being far away from home for the first time, I fell off the fitness wagon - hard. It took seeing a picture of myself at my best friend's wedding at my heaviest to realize how much needed to change. I began taking yoga classes and fell completely in love with the high energy, kinetic practice of Vinyasa. I decided to take the plunge and get my 200 hour teaching certification in February 2011. I also greatly changed my eating habits, cutting out all processed foods and focusing on eating clean.

I was feeling healthy and strong when Jamie and I decided to expand our family in late 2011. We then resettled in Savannah and on July 16, 2012, proudly welcomed James Michael into the world. 

Eager to get back in shape and combat some minor baby blues, I was so thrilled to find Stroller Strong Moms right as Alexa opened doors in Savannah. I attended class 2-3 times a week at first, and met some amazing women and beautiful babies. The New Year's Get Fit challenge really kicked my fitness up a notch. I lost the last couple pounds of baby weight, in addition to 10 more pounds, allowing me to snag 3rd place in the challenge! I can honestly say that I am currently in the best shape of my life. I teach and practice yoga several times a week and attend SSM class 4 days a week. Through class, I have found a passion for running and more specifically RACING!! I recently got a 5k PR of 20:50 while pushing my son in the stroller, and two weeks later broke 6 minutes in the Savannah Mile race. I am excited to begin training with my fellow Stroller Strong Moms to tackle the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in November. I never in a million years pictured myself falling in love with running and owe so much to Alexa, Kelli and Cassie for awakening and encouraging this passion. Being a Stroller Strong Mom has made this deployment not only bearable, but truly enjoyable as I am surrounded by so much warmth and support in class everyday. I am a part of an amazing community of healthy, strong, kind women and feel so blessed to have SSM in my life. 

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