Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SSM April/May News

April/May News

Lot's of amazing things have happened for Stroller Strong Moms in the past few months. First and foremost, let's start with the Get Fit Challenge! 

Get Fit for 2013

At the end of March, we announced the Get Fit For 2013 winners in both Columbus and Savannah! 

The Columbus top ten were as follows:
10- Jennifer Meische
9- Meghan Schroeder
8- Tracey Shepherd
7- Kristina McWilliams
6- Jarah Spooner
5- Donna Giberti
4- Kacie Charlot
3- Gabby Gutridge
2- Tiffanie Monroe
1- Val Logan!!!

Most Classes Attended: Meghan Schroeder
Most Fitness Assessment Improvement: Tracey Shepherd
Most Body Fat Loss: Teresa Jones
Most Weight Loss: Emily Osinski

Here are your top 5! 

From Left to Right: Gabby, Tiffanie, Donna, Val, Kacie

The Savannah top ten were as follows: 
10- Laura Roberts
9- Dana Bynum
8- Kim Cody
7- Holly Moore
6- Mandy Anderson
5- Sofie Morrissey
4- Lindsey Von B
3- Linsday Platky
2- Kim Watson
1- Jessika Haselbauer!!

Most Classes Attended: Lindsey Von B
Most Fitness Assessment Improvement: Holly Moore
Most Body Fat Loss: Dana Bynum
Most Weight Loss: Davida Robinson

Here are your top 3!

From left to right: Lindsey, Jessika, Kim
All these mamas worked their butts off and it showed! Congrats to all you hardworking mamas!!! 

"Light UP Columbus" for Autism Speaks

We are so excited to announce that on April 5th, 2014, we will host a 10K, 5K, 1 Mile Run in downtown Columbus!!! We are looking forward to this event and we need lots of SSMs to volunteer to be a part of our race committees to make this event a great success! Please see one of your instructors if you are interested in helping! Can't wait!!!

Farewell to Jill :( 

It is with great sadness that we have to say goodbye to Jill and family as they PCS to Fort Campbell, Kentucky in the middle of June. Jill was such an awesome instructor and motivator and she will be missed. We had a super fun class for Jill at Callaway Gardens on Friday and a fabulous potluck at Miss Joanie's house (Reba's awesome mom) to celebrate Jill and all she has done for Stroller Strong Moms. We will miss you Jill and Teagan!!!

Jill's Tribute Class at Callaway Gardens 

They Ran Across Georgia

Over Memorial Day Weekend, eight of our Columbus SSMs ran across Georgia from Savannah to Columbus to raise money for the House of Heroes. They relayed for 260 miles over 40 hours, wow!!! They were welcomed in Columbus by a large crowd including tons of fellow Stroller Strong Moms. What an amazing accomplishment and such an inspiration! Congrats mamas!!!

From Left to Right: Rosa, Brooke W, Camille, Val, Reba, Jill, Stephanie, Ashley

Memorial Day Class in Savannah

In Savannah, we had a great Memorial Day class that included tons of patriotic stations to honor the fallen on a very special day. Great job everyone and thanks for participating!!! We had record breaking numbers!!! 

SSM Savannah wore red, white and blue for a special Memorial Day class on Monday

Keep SLAMing mamas!!!

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